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It happens. You wake up in Southern Spain, wearing someone’s flamenco shoes and wondering why there is a tattoo on your arm that says “Madre”. Your head feels like someone’s playing castanets in it and on the floor is a bag of tomatoes and a picture of you hugging a bull. You try hard to remember what happened but cannot piece together a course of events. If only there was someone who could tell you how it all ended up this way. Someone to laugh with about the shenanigans and “great” ideas that started with hold my sangria and watch this. Traveling with Rockstars just makes traveling better.


adjective 1.     willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.

“an adventurous traveler”

 There’s more to traveling adventurously than snapping the Instagram-ready selfie at the volcano. Adventure is the story of how you got there. The best adventures are the ones you can return home and share not a bragging list of achievements, but a meaningful tale of what happened along the way, ideally with some humor, surprises, and insights mixed in. Yes, a photo of the flowing lava is impressive. But hiking there through local villages, drinking brennivin, stumbling through a herd of sheep, losing track of time, and then the rain stopped and the clouds parted just in time for us to see the streams of molten lava oozing from the crater, now that’s a Rockstar adventure!


There comes a time when using your vacation days to go to the same resort on the same island is no longer acceptable. You’ve been there a dozen or more times and you have this urge to see the world. But, you’re craving that feeling you get when you’re at that resort, that romantic, sexy, and even edgy island vibe. Our vacations have curated itineraries to sensual and freethinking destinations that will help satisfy your sexy travel cravings.  Whether those dreams involve white sand beaches, romantic cities with late-night entertainment, or debauchery-filled nights with maybe some nudity, we have vacations to fulfill your Rockstar travel fantasies.


We remember our travels better than our everyday life. Knowing this do you want to remember that novel you stuck your nose in while sitting on a gorgeous Caribbean beach? Or, would you rather recall the time your friend put on a nun suit and blessed the locals while you laughed until you peed your pants? Or maybe the evening you all coordinated outfits and walked along Duval St during Fantasy Fest stopping every 5 feet for yet another admiring onlooker wanting a picture with you. Rockstar Adventures is just that, a group of like-minded travelers, like you, that allow moments to morph into unforgettable memories.